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Sandbrook Community Primary School Gifted and Talented Craft Workshop

The children of Sandbrook Community Primary school were taken on a trip to visit 'The Star Tree Studio' to take part in a decoupage workshop. The 16 children ranging from 4- 11 years old were all able to access the task and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Furthermore, they were all able to take their finished items home with them which to the children was the MOST exciting aspect. Neela and her helper were extremely kind, pleasant and supportive and modelled the activity and explained it clearly to ensure the children had understood. I feel that the task was very suitable, enjoyable and rewarding and it taught the children skills such as concentration and focus as well as appreciating a finished piece of art and reflecting on what worked well and what we could do better next time. The task was easy enough for the young year 1 children to enjoy, as well as interesting to engage year 6. Neela catered for the topic by choosing animals that the children would like and bright patterns for decorating. She was also able to cater for our lunch time facilities and was helpful in organising the clean up afterwards too. In organising the event before hand nothing was too much trouble and everything was ordered in specially for the day. We took 16 children to the Star Tree and this number worked very well in the space. There were two separate areas to ensure all children had room to work and we kept the youngest children together in a smaller area. I would highly recommend this activity and also the pleasure of working with a wonderful practitioner of Art who clearly has great passion in this area. I will look forward to seeing you again next year for another workshop! :-) Your Sincerely, R.HOYLE Sandbrook Community Primary School (Year 4 Class Teacher and Art co-ordinator)